Prestan AED Trainer (English / Spanish)

Prestan AED Trainer (English / Spanish)

Product code: REL.7440

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£180.00 (£216.00 inc. VAT)

Product description


Quality, durability and affordability like no other AED trainer on the market.

The Prestan AED Trainer is a great solution for your training needs. Clear confident voice instructions that provide easy-to-follow directions and preconfigured scenarios make training students as easy as possible. DEFIBhub want to make it even easier; so we are including a free remote control with every trainer too!

The reusable pads can be used at least 25–30 times and feature a uniquely designed pad adhesive that adheres and removes well to any manikin on the market. No more damaged pads or having to clean adhesive off your manikin!

The Pad Sensing System automatically detects when each pad is placed on the manikin which simulates a live AED allowing for a more realistic training class.


Well that’s simple; everything listed below!

  • 1 x Prestan AED Trainer with English and French languages
  • 1 x Prestan Training Electrode Pads
  • 1 x Free remote control
  • 1 x Carry Case

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