CasPer the CPR Dog Training Manikin

CasPer the CPR Dog Training Manikin

Product code: SA.PP5000

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£350.00 (£420.00 inc. VAT)

Product description


Learn to perform CPR for man’s best friend!

CasPeR the CPR dog is an innovative training manikin to enable pet owners and dog handlers to learn how to perform CPR correctly on their dogs.

By using a single-use disposable lung system; training is economical and hygienic, minimizing cross contamination between students and the need to disinfect the manikin after every use.

The anatomy features a full body molded in the appropriate position in which to give CPR, nares, retractable tongue, moveable jaw, sanitary replaceable airway, foam-filled body for chest compression resistance, and a femoral pulse.


Well that’s simple; everything listed below!

  • 1 x CasPeR the CPR Dog Training Manikin

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