Ambu SAM CPR & AED Training Manikin

Ambu SAM CPR & AED Training Manikin

Product code: 268.003.000

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£215.00 (£258.00 inc. VAT)

Product description


Inexpensive, compact and complete with all the Ambu listen-look-feel features.

The Ambu SAM manikin enables students to learn the complete step-by-step process of Basic Life Support skills including the use of an AED.

The airways is only opening when the head is tilted to the correct position and features realistic resistance and chest rise.

Benefits & features

  • Ambu SAM has a closed Torso appearance allowing accurate placement of defibrillator electrode pads
  • Just as in real life, ventilation can be seen and exhalation through the nose and mouth can be felt and heard
  • The compression indicator confirms the user is compressing the chest to the correct depth.
  • The Ambu SAM incorporates the unique and patented hygienic system that enables training with a washable face piece and disposable head bag.


Well that’s simple; everything listed below!

  • 1 x Ambu SAM training manikin
  • 25 x Head bags
  • 1 x Face piece
  • 1 x Soft Carry Case

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