About DEFIBhub

We offer free and impartial advice on which defibrillator is for you, your company and your community.

What we do

The Medical Warehouse Limited has been supplying defibrillators as a core part of our business for over a decade. We supply AEDs to emergency services throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

Recognising the importance of response time in relation to the effective treatment of SCA, our pioneering T.E.A.M.S. range of bags and kits; was developed in conjunction with the firearms teams at Kent Police to facilitate an effective and mobile defibrillator solution for any operational environment.

At home in the UK

In the UK we provide and support defibrillator placements with all branches of the emergency services and a wide range of customers from multi-national corporations to first responders.

Here, there & everywhere.

We have also supplied and continue to provide life saving AEDs to NHS Trusts, NGOs and businesses all over the world; including placements in some of the world’s most hostile environments, be they land or sea.

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