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Today is #RestartAHeartDay; an entire day the European Resuscitation Council has dedicated to raising awareness of Cardiac Arrest.

The European Resuscitation Council have created a 4 step #SaveALife process on their #RestartAHeart website; and we have laid it out below:

Step 1


  • Make sure it is safe to approach.
  • Check for any response from the victim.
  • Shout for help.
  • Tilt head back. lift chin and check breathing.
  • If breathing is not normal, CPR is needed.
  • Call 999 and state that there is a non breathing victim, CPR is started, your name and location.
  • If someone has come to help ask them to go get an AED.
Step 2


  • Place the heel of one hand in the center of the chest.
  • Place other hand on top and interlock fingers.
  • Compress the chest to the rhythm of “Stayin’ Alive” until an AED or emergency services arrive.
  • If you learned how to do it provide two rescue breaths between every 30 compressions, otherwise pump the chest continuously.
  • Push hard. Don’t worry, you cannot do any harm.
  • If possible change CPR operator every 2 minutes.
Step 3


  • If an AED arrives, switch it on immediately and follow the instructions.
Step 4


  • Once the emergency services arrive, continue, until you are told to stop.
  • Once the emergency services arrive, continue, until you are told to stop.
  • Smile! Your hands could restart a heart and save a life.
  • Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing.
  • Well done!

We hope you are all helping to raise awareness of Cardiac Arrest today with the #RestartAHeartDay hashtag on social media; if you want to help spread the message please share using the links below!

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